Inflict Joy

Lucas Lu
People always ask us a simple question: "what's your business?" My answer is: "We work with cool local restaurants to create special deals that can be linked to your payment card." Then they'd ask: "So you are in the coupon business." My answer is: "No. We are in the business of inflicting joy."

Yes. We are in the business of inflicting joy, providing easy-to-use deals and coupons is just what we do that can help us get there. Every business has goals. For some, their goal is to become the market leader in a particular industry, generate $100 million in revenue by end of 2013, or create 12% return for shareholders. Nothing wrong at all. However for us, our goal is to create precious moments for all our users. By using elluva, they get to share a romantic dinner with their loved ones, sign an important business deal with a new client over lunch, or reunite with a friend who they haven't seen in years while having sushi.

These are the reasons that we wake up to every morning and keep us awake at night. These are the things that are worth fighting for, working for, and living for. After all, we are the sum of our experiences. Jimmy Valvano puts it the best: "If you laugh, you think and you cry, that's a full day." We want to help people who use elluva experience love, warmth, friendship, and most importantly, joy. These elements are important ingredients that make us stay strong on our feet and work tenaciously toward our dreams. They are like water to a forest, Sun to our Earth, and writers to a sitcom.

From day one we set out to build something that can make people happy and bring them joy, elluva is our humble attempt to make the world a little better through technology. A few months have gone by, our faith and belief have remained strong and vibrant as we are approaching the launch date. We have already started inflicting joy, and we realize this isn't something that can be done by us alone. We need your help on this journey of enriching each other's lives and, ultimately, inflicting joy.

Join us.
Lucas Lu
Lucas Lu
product designer, biz guy, marketing bee.
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